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Custom email option with a free level. This is how I setup Zoho Mail with my domain....


Currently Zoho Mail is the only e-mail hoster offering a free subscription for 1 domain name and up to 25 people. Zoo Mail is very much loved by people who are beginning with their first customized e-mail account, and for those who are setting up small business and want to have a brand. The Zoho Mail's free schedule has restricted functionality in comparison to the payed schedules, however, so make sure you study the schedule information thoroughly to choose the schedule that suits your needs.

Be sure to review their memory limitations and other bank accounts to make sure they are adequate for your needs. First of all we create your Zoho Mail area. While this is for the free accounts options, you are free to select any one. Enter your domain name in the Domain box that appears at the top of the www. screen.

Type your name and user name for the first e-mail you want to use. This e-mail will be your administrative e-mail in Zoho Mail. Also, you need to include a cell number or e-mail adress. It is the telephone number or e-mail with which you log in to your Zoho Mail master Account.

NEVER use e-mail addresses that you have not registered, such as one with your new domain name. If you have an e-mail that you know is running, use an e-mail that already exists. As soon as everything looks good (watch out for typos!), click on the sign up icon. Follow me. Publish now. The next step is to go to the Zoho Mail installation page.

You can click Setup, then Apps & Services from the top level navigator bar. When you go to the page where your domain names are listed, you can click Installs New Services to the right of the domain name. You can also go to the domain page and click Maintain Domain Name Record.

Then, in the Find box above your DNA entries, enter Zoho Mail into the Find box and hit Enter. Which one you will use will depend on which Zoho site you create your Zoho site on. Click on the Install Zoho Mail icon. As the page updates, you'll see a Done message! and as you look at your dashboard, you'll see the CNAME validation data set you need and the MX data sets you need for emails.

You can now return to your Zoho Mail email address to finalize the review. Click the CNAME Lookup icon at the bottom of the previous page. The Zoho Mail system checks the DNA entries that you have just made. Zoho also encourages you to establish and review some safety records:

When you see the confirmation notice that the record is correct, click the Check Now icon. This page should update to a congratulations page and display the user name you specified at the beginning for the e-mail addresses of your administrative area. This is great if this is the username/email you want to generate.

Press the Create Accounts pushbutton to proceed. When you''ve had a change of heart or you''ve made a mistake, change the user name as you like, then click the Create my profile icon. Here you can access the different areas of the accounts setup, as you can see in the side bar on the right.

Your total accounts manage everything, which includes the different user accounts and e-mail accounts you have configured, all groups, how e-mails are sent, etc. All of these things can be configured, or you can have just one e-mail message, and this configuration is already complete.

You can also use side effects such as configuring redirection to another e-mail clients or accounts. You can also either configure your own extra users/email address on the next page, or you can invite another person to log in to Zoho Mail and create their own accounts.

Please note: You must submit the invite to an existing e-mail account, not to the one you will be creating with your new domain. As soon as you have finished setting up, you will be taken to the Zoho Mail web mail account or user area. Have a look around your Zoho Mail dashboard and get acquainted with it.

Zoho Mail's web interfaces can be used for your customized domain e-mail, such as Gmail or Hotmail. Or, you can configure it to be forwarded to another e-mail clients or accounts that you already use, such as (again, such as Gmail or Hotmail), or such as Apple Mail or Outlook, so that you can e-mail them with your new domain e-mail address(es).

Zoho Mail will send you two e-mails to the e-mail that you used to set up your user ID (the one that DOES NOT use your domain name). There is one that has the line "Welcome to Zoho" in the main body and contains a hyperlink that you must click to verify the enrollment of your Zoho user name.

When you click on the hyperlink, your web browsers should open a verification page with a successfully verified e-mail message and your bankroll. As long as this is not done, you will not be able to use the correct accounts or send/receive e-mails with your new e-mail addresses. Another e-mail has the reference line "Welcome to Zoho Mail" and describes various set-up tasks that you must or want to perform.

Below are some extra set-up information that might be of interest: The Zoho Mail Help Center - everything you need to know about set-up and features and how to look for more help. Dual authentication - an authentication function that is recommended for all your bank statements.

Forwarding - to redirect to your customized Email accounts from another user you use. Portable Accessibility - Zoho has its own mobile application that you can use on the go. Alternatively, as already noted, you can configure Zoho to forward mails to any current mailing list that you are using.

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