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zooho reports price plans and editons Limitless Reporting and dashboardsCreate limitless reporting and dashboarding. More than 100 ConnectorsAnalyzing more than 100 different source materials, complete with file, feed, database, clamp, common enterprise and internal appliances. Zoom in on Zoho AppsCanalize Zoho application information such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance, Zoho Projects, Zoho Recruit, etc. Synchronize the latest changes from your database with Zoho Report on a day-to-day base.

Slide show support automatic playback of slide show report. Synchronize the latest changes from your source with Zoho Report at regular hours. BackupUse a planned back up of your files. RebrandingRebrand Zoho with your own logos. Hide/show the powerful by Zoho report embedded report messages. PrivatelinksGenerate semi-private Web links for your report and dashboard.

User who access these addresses do not need to have a Zoho user name. Power5x times as fast as report and dashboard loadings5x. User 2, 10K rows, Infinite reporting and dashboards & more..... Everyone to whom you make your private working space, spreadsheets (data), reporting, and collaborative dashboards available is a " user " in Zoho Report's price structure.

Every Zoho Report member is identifiable by the e-mail addresses he uses to create or register his Zoho Report accounts. Assuming you are subscribing to a Zoho Report plan for 5 people, you can private shared data/reports in your accounts and work with 4 other people. Your Zoho Report should now have 5 members.

Zoho Reports defines a line or dataset in the same contexts as a spreadsheet. Every line in a spreadsheet displays a collection of associated information and has the same layout. Number of lines displayed in the above price plan is the total of all lines/data sets saved in all spreadsheets in all workspaces of your Zoho Reports area.

One million single lines would correspond to a file of 1 GB or more as a measurement of file sizes. This may, however, differ depending on the number of column and the nature of the information in them. Are my details secure? At Zoho, we take the safety of your information very seriously.

There are many different measures we have taken to protect the security of your information. Am I eligible to register for the free plan or evaluation and update later? Of course, you can register for the free plan or the 15-day evaluation version available in other planes. In this case, you can always update to a plan with costs.

All your information is secure and will be fully stored when you purchase the product. You can always benefit from the free plan even if you do not want to purchase an upgraded plan. Is it possible to update, lower or terminate a plan at any time? ZooO Reports is a pay-as-you-go facility from months to months.

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