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Simply set up a website with Zoho Sites. One complete website creation suite for everyone! Zoho Sites is the easy way to create a free website. Sites has one of the most solid form builders I've ever seen. Sites Zoho offers one free account and three paid plans.

A new version of Zoho Sites will help users create beautiful, modular websites with advanced customization options.

Today Zoho has released a new release of its DIY website builder Zoho Sites. A new, easy-to-use user experience provides a number of enhanced functions, among them ready-made website areas, dynamically changing background pictures (videos and para-lax images) and other page items. It also extends the customization available in the release and gives the user greater freedom of creativity over their designs.

New Zoho page highlights: Prefabricated website areas: Now Zoho Sites provides a range of layouts to help web publishers organize and organize web pages. The user can easily move the section to the Page Builder by dragging and dropping it. Supplements in the drawer elements offer the user more imaginative tool to experiment with his page designs.

New page items included containers, icons and divisors. User can now append video and para-lax image to the wallpaper of a web page. Employing powerful visually rich pictures behind statically rich page contents allows the user to deliver a more enjoyable and intense browser viewing experiences. Visitors can make their website privat and maintain the publicity of their website both from the general community and within the company.

Wherever a user adds an item or section, a pop-up window provides formatting and styling choices to customize the look and feel of your work. Zoho Sites' new look and feeling balances clear styling with rugged use. Navigation within the Website Builder is easy, and all integration is just a click away.

Integrate with Zoho and third-party products: Integration with Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho CRM, Zoho PageSense and Zoho campaigns allows customers to get to know their audiences better. This integration allows website publishers to interact with site attendees via face-to-face chats, gather information through form submissions, monitor site attendee activities through Zoho PageSense, and keep site attendees up to date through newsletter updates.

New Zoho pages are now available. Free of charge contains full set of website creation tool, while chargeable ones provide extended features. Please visit: www.zoho.com/sites. for more information about Zoho Sites. Sites Zoho is also part of Zoho One, the company's all-in-one site for operating an overall enterprise.

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