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The Zoho Corporation Display Zoho CRM account or contact or opportunity in Google Maps. You should be able to display contacts/accounts/chances according to their state ( e.g. to display contact that have never been visited). There are two possibilities: - you are selling us the software and we become the owners of the software - you are developing this software so that you can offer it to the Zoho CRM users worldwide.

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All HI, On another board meeting I said that there is a work-around to integrating ZOHO Data with Google Maps, then I get a lot of emails but I couldn't help enough b/c of my working load, so I thought it would be good if I could pose the trial, then other ZOHO developer can help ZOHO user.

Depending on your specific needs, you can display an area on the maps or determine a site depending on your needs. You can emphasize an area such as State/County and locate a site on Google Maps. I' ll try to give more detail as much as possible so I have little bit of Google Apps Script(GAS) know-how that anyone can do.

Stage 1: The first stage is to store your information within ZOHO Report from ZOHO Creator/CRM. You can do this very simply by using the ZOHO Creator Report export options and the timetable for retrieving information. You need to build a spreadsheet in ZOHO Report, where ZOHO Creator information also forms a site pillar - which links postcode, district, state and province by commas, using this pillar for geo-code in Google Maps.

Stage 2: Expand Zoho logs tabular information into Google Expreadsheet, thought Google Apps Script ( ZOHO logs exporting API). Stage 3: Expand Google Spreadsheets into the Google Fusion Chart and build a card there: First you need to have an understanding of Google FusionChart.

You should be spending some quality effort to learn how the Fusion Chart works and how to make a card from your data. This will help you learn how to use ZOHO. Spreadsheet Google: Scripts from Google Apps: I' ve got all the Google apps app scripts you need to google.remember that you can substitute all placeholders like build correct Zoho report, exporting Url, Spreadsheet ID, Fusion Spreadsheet ID etc., .

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