Zoho home page

Zoo home page

The Create Application is the first page you see when you first log in to Zoho Creator. Start-up screen can be different for each user. zooho creator: homepage This is the first page you will see when you log in to Zoho Creator for the first moment. Build your own app page; Begin building apps by using one of the ready-made apps from the app gallery (or) by adding information (or) by building an app from the ground up.

Click here to learn more about building apps.

Your homepage will be shown with all the programs you create and the programs you share. They can also administer your user, adapt your logotype and your link, acces to help link, secure your application, go to the Zoho Creator marketplace where all ready-to-use application are located.

Homepage - What can you do from your homepage? Use the Personal Apps hyperlink on the far right of your home page to list all the apps you've built in your profile. If you log on for the first instance, the system displays the error You have no apps screen. To start creating apps, select the Generate new app icon that appears at the top right of the page; to release the app to a user and see common detail, click the Release icon that appears below the app name.

In order to display and configurate applications preferences such as timezone, date format, etc., click on the Preferences hyperlink that appears under the applications name. In order to modify the shapes and perspectives in the task, move the cursor over the task name and click the Modify pushbutton. In order to remove the chosen task, move the cursor over the task name and click on the Remove symbol.

In order to make a copy of the program, move the cursor over the program name and click the Duplicate icon. One copy of the app is made ( without information ) and displayed on the home page with the name "Copy of ". Click the "Shared Apps" links on the far right of your home page to list the Zoho Creator apps you' users have chosen to share with you, along with the information about the app owners who used them.

Click on the name of the app to open the forms and reporting of the common use. In the collaborative reporting, you can append, modify, or remove data sets according to the privileges of the business owners. Use the Setup shortcut at the top right of your home page to see your planning information, administer your custom groups and accounts, see limits on use, redesign logos and custom icons, and secure your applications.

The Zoho Creator provides various maps to chose from. In order to refresh your credentials, click on the Click here to refresh your credentials button that appears below the planning detail. At the top right of your home page, click the My Login button and browse to My Login.

On this page you can administer your own data, change your e-mail settings and your own passwords, set user-defined timetables and features.

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