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Complimentary Web Hosting, E-Mail Hosting and Domain Bookings The hosting of a website and an e-mail with the same user-defined domains is a sign of professionality. This is an important characteristic for any company, because professionality deserves trustworthiness. Web site and e-mail are two fundamental needs of any company. Now Zoho Sites is offering the best of both worlds. Create a website on your own, free hosting, and maintain your own mailbox for formal communications.

Now you can enroll a user-defined domainname that will serve as a one-of-a-kind on-line corporate ID. Are offered with free and dependable hosting that is equipped with infinite bandwith. Zoo Mail - Goodness of Mail Busines, free of charge. Sites Zoho is now along with the best commercial e-mail that we know - "the one" without advertising.

Web hosting free of charge, secure web hosting: Locations Zoho

Are my details safe? Because our businesses depend on how safe your information is, we handle it with the highest level of integrity. We have created a complete suite of best practice, technologies and guidelines to help keep your information safe. What happens to my sites when I perform a Downgrade? Your sites will still be available as usual even after a down-grade.

Datasets (data records) are NOT erased from on-line molds. Which web browser works with Zoho Sites? Zoho publishes sites that can be viewed with Safari, Firefox 5.0+, Chrome 8.0+ and IE 9+ as well as other popular web browsers . Zoho Site Builder works with the latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox releases.

Zoo Apps for Hosting Providers

Being a hosting service provides you to offer your clients the necessary service to establish an on-line business with you. Zooho offers a broad set of small and mid-sized business class, enterprise-class solutions that are trusted by billions of daily people. Adding our products to your product line allows us to do even more together with your clients.

Her clients came to you because you offered several important business applications to create an on-line business site, as well as web sites. Well, now that they have a website, your clients want to turn their traffic into clients. SalesIQ enables companies to monitor and retain their website traffic in order to drive revenue in a timely manner.

Find out more about Zoho SalesIQ. Find out more about Zoho Mail. Would you like to provide your clients with an easy-to-use website building tool? With Zoho Sites, your clients can create sites with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Site builder and beautifully integrated designs. In addition to the ability to create portable Web sites from template content, sites provide rich Internet experiences, blogging, visitor analytics, community content management, community content management, and various other integration options.

Find out more about the Zoho Sites. Each website needs different types of form that allow the visitor to contact us. ZoomForm allows you to create customisable shapes with attractive mobile and embeddable template files. Includes several preconfigured integration options for Zoho and third-party use. Find out more about Zoho Wells. Do you create Web sites that provide important information for your customers' businesses - but why stop there?

Utilize Zoho Flow to help them build built-in workflow so information can flow seamlessly through their customer relationship managers, help desk, project, email list, and more. Beyond website hosting for your clients. Find out more about Zoho Flow. In Zoho, we develop apartments that help individuals run their business. There are 30 different types of application that your clients can use.

We will be glad to help you find the right applications to find the best solutions for your services. Let us work together to strengthen your clients.

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