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Click the Insert Image icon in the formatting bar. Either upload an image from your desktop or link an image from any Internet website. Inserting Images Add images to your e-mail contents or add images to your signatures using the Add Picture symbol. Click the Paste Picture button in the toolbar. Either by uploading an picture from your wallpaper or by linking an picture from any web page.

Select the Download from Disk radio button and click the field below to select a folder from your computer screen.

You can have the picture in GIF/ JPG/ PNG format with a max. of 3 megabytes. Once the upload has finished, the picture is previewed in the Picture Thumbnail field. To paste the picture into the editing area, click Paste. Occasionally, however, some e-mail client may display the picture in its full scale, causing it to be misrepresented.

Therefore, you can change the size of the images before they are embedded in the e-mail to ensure better visibility on the receiving side. Select the favorite location of the picture in relation to the text from the available alignment choices - Right, Down, Left, Up. You can also insert a copy of an existing picture into the e-mail composition area instead of pasting the picture.

In order to insert an existing picture that you have photocopied from another location, right-click in the composition area and select Insert from the list of available settings. To see the editing choices for the picture, click Images already imbedded. When you click on the picture, the following items appear: Picture Resize - You can also select between Small, Best Fit or Genuine after the picture is embed.

Delete - Deletes the imbedded picture. More- Contains editing and hyperlinking features for the picture. Modify - You can comment or modify the alignment of the imbedded picture with the available toolbar. Insert Links - You can type the appropriate web page in the Insert Links pop-up window to connect the picture by means of a hypertext connection.

Add properly reformatted spreadsheets to the composer to include all data-related spreadsheets in your e-mail. To add a spreadsheet, click the Paste spreadsheet button in the Format toolbar.

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