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Real time problems and failures for ZoHo. We are investigating the problems affecting some Zoho services. Real time problems and failures for ZoHo. If you have problems with the website Mail.zoho.

com today, check whether the Zoho mail server is currently up or down for everyone or just for you.

Tracker|Zoho Issue Projects

Zoho Projects' integrated Issue tracker engine is a high-performance toolset for defining and organizing issues. The ability to clearly analyse the lifecycle of a solution in its various phases motivates the members of the projects with an understanding of how to solve the solution. You can also get our issues tracking modul as a stand-alone bug tracking application.

For more information on how to set up your own Trackers, click here. For more information about how to set permissions for the issues tracker preferences, click here. Full transparency of unsolved problems with view filters by gravity, categories, etc. Administer problems by creating a lifecycle of phases that can be adjusted. Encourage your members to fix problems by accessing solutions, histories, and annotations for each problem.

Automatically remind and notify members responsible for troubleshooting by defining alerts. Increase your production efficiency by understanding exactly what problems are repeatable and at what levels.

Issues management|Zoho objects

Show the progression of your problems in the list display or the kanbans display. It is the place where you can keep tabs on your current state, your level of seriousness, your agent, and other issues related to the problem. Choose a subproject and browse to Issues. Then click Send Problems. Specify the name of the issuance. Choose a specific projector when you send it from the My Problems screen.

When your projekt has required input boxes, you must input information for these boxes before you can store the problem. To proceed with the addition of problems, click Saving & New. Right-click next to the health indicator to insert problems in the view. Problems and duties have a distinct ID with a Prefix before the ID.

If, for example, the Tasks & Issues prefix is TW, then the Tasks and Issues IDs are TW-T001 and TW-I1, where T stands for Tasks and I for Issues. You can specify the Tasks & Issues Prefix when you create a new one. You can change the Tasks & Issues prefix while working on a team.

You can use the problem identifier to look for problems. Include a problem with the problem ID in your feedback, state, and comment. Choose a subproject and browse to Issues. Please click on a problem. Under Issues Information, enter the mandatory information. Move the mouse over the box to display the editing options. Use the scrolling buttons on the problem detail page to provide more information about the problem.

Allows you to post comment while editing a problem. You can use this item to fix the problem. They can also attach files and screen shots when you solve a problem. Put in the amount of elapsed working hours to solve the problem. Check your problems: Allows you to associate and categorize related topics. Displays the problem log.

Follows or adds tags to the problem. You can click Consequences to trace the problem, or click Unollow to stop it. You can click Join Trackers to choose your user and join the problem. In the top right hand corner, click to see more choices. They can move, copy, or even printing a problem. You can use the alert assistant to see if you will be alerted for a specific alert message or not.

Premier and Enterprise customers can define problem alerts, and the recipient receives a notification e-mail. If you are sending a problem, click Memory Option to specify a memory. If you are working on a problem, click set memory to specify or clear a memory. There is no memory placed. Until the due date, the issuer's account is informed every workday.

Notification of the issuer's associated users is given on the due date. When you choose 3 Deadlines, the system notifies the customer 3 working days before the due date. Notice: In the Kanban screen, click the Send an issue symbol and insert a recipient to display the option to set a notification.

Click on a problem in the kanban or list display. Remote Assist is available under More Preferences (only if the problem is associated with you). If you click this button, the reporters will be prompted to split their screens with the recipients so that they can help solve the problem.

Click on a problem in the kanban or list display and then on the top right to clear it. Consider problems using pre-defined listings or creating customized screens. All open issues are shown on the monitor by default. 2. Easily report problems to and from XML or CVS file formats.

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