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E-Mail Newsletter Templates | Zoho Campaigns E-mail layouts for every event. And our e-mail submissions cover seasonals, corporate e-mails, poll invitations and more. Browse our Vorlagengalerie and choose one that matches your news. When you already have a ready-made HTML templated page, you can easily use it. Create a pattern of your own choosing.

Possess your e-mail template with easy to customize layout. Has your newsletter more images than text? Perform a compliance test in your newsletter. You' re a subscriber that reads e-mail on multiple machines and different platform. The Preview options let you see what your newsletter will look like on different machines and make sure it will look exactly the way you made it.

HOOVER: HowTo: You can use Zoho CRM to distribute a newsletter.

PROCESS: You can now use Zoho campaigns to distribute your newsletter. Unnecessary to say that we ourselves are strong user of the different Zoho applications. You can find most of our help documents in the Zoho Wiki. Zoho show slideshows are included in our blogs (this one also has an included one below).

We' ve recently hit the 1 million subscriber milestone and wanted to pass this good word on to our newsletter subscription. This is how we did it: If a registered member activates the'Subscribe to Zoho Newsletter' checkbox when registering, they will be added to our Zoho CRM contact or lead inbox.

Finally, we use Zoho Mail intern. The Filter/Folder options there allow us to get the newsletter-related answers (real answers,ounced/undeliverable emails, Out of Office/Vacation answers, automatic answers, etc.) separately, so we can take care of each one of them with ease. There will be more of us to share such sceneries about how we use Zoho within our organisation.


To communicate regularly via newsletter, you can use the newsletter registration forms to simply gather e-mail address and e-mail. The addition of a newsletter registration formula does not require encoding or a complicated process. All you have to do is simply Drag & Drope the forms onto your website to get your users to sign up for your newsletter.

Choose the FORMS page on the page where you want to place the forme. Search the newsletter subscribe widget. Choose whether you want to use your e-mail contact in MailChimp or Zoho campaigns and click Save. First of all, choose the mailinglist to which you want to subscribe in the boxes.

If you have, for example, chosen Zoho campaigns, the mailinglists of your Zoho accounts will be displayed in a dropdown form from which you can choose the mailinglist to link to your Zoho sites accounts. When you choose a MailChimp email address, you need to sign in to your email address to choose a mailinglist to link to Zoho websites.

Please click in the area for the newsletter registration and you can enter your own news. In order to modify or recall the newsletter setup, click on Customize newsletter.

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