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Zoho, the provider of enterprise cloud productivity solutions, has recently experienced some downtime on its SaaS products Zoho Mail, Books and Support. While I know this is an older question, I think it's worth mentioning that you have other support options than simply contacting Zoho. With an extensive update to Zoho CRM, Zoho comes back from a failure.

Zoho, the supplier of enterprise-class clamp production solutions, has recently experienced some down-time on its SaaS Zoho Mail, Books and Support offerings. Zoho CRM has got a bigger upgrade, with a new user interface, a new "Pulse" engine, integrations with LinkedIn and Zoho Creator, and WebHook, which was developed to facilitate the way the application integrates with outside service providers.

First of all a short summary of the interruption of the Zoho bus which took about three acres. Around 9am Pacific on December 14, 2011, Zoho customers began having mail, books, and support troubles, as well as temporary trouble with the remainder of the package. Until midday, the ministries were back up and running; a second Zoho post unveiled that his in-house research found a DNA flaw that got out of hand. Sorry," Zoho's explaining post said, reading in part.

Regardless, that was then and that is now, and the comprehensive Zoho CRM upgrade will bring the following new functionality as described in the company's formal release: Pulse " is a completely new feature that allows you to " track " a specific transaction, trading partner, etc., just as you are used to from a Twitter customer - and keep you up to date on the latest developments.

Link-integrated to link a user's Zoho CRM record to their Link-in profiles, complete with the option to submit InMail via Zoho CRM. Zoom Creator Integrator to allow people to create customized apps that appear in Zoho CRM. Simply use Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop surface and your enduser has an app that is sure to work.

WebHook, a system for informing outside users about a Zoho CRM modification via GET/POST submission. And, as a last added benefit, Zoho CRM now offers bi-directional synchronization with Google Calendar.

If Zoho is down, what can you do?

Once a year Zoho may disconnect its relays for regular servicing or open new one. Zoomo has read-only privileges that only allow you to view files. You can use its permissions to view certain information while the host is separate. These are the write-protected APPs:

As a result, the application files can be refreshed when the application can be resynchronized with the Zoho server. The Zoho has a visibility guideline that always shows the state of its server and answer time from different locations around the globe.

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