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Zoho CRM's core functionality is lead and contact management, but also sales pipeline management and purchasing control. Summary | Online Help - Zoho CRM CRM Zoho is on-demand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to efficiently manage your relationships with your customers. It' effective because Zoho CRM streamlines your enterprise-wide operations for distribution, merchandising, customer service and asset tracking in a unified system. Whether multi-channel communications, distribution efficiencies, CRM insight, CRM adaptation or third-party integrations, Zoho CRM provides a variety of capabilities to meet the needs of small and large organizations.

In addition, Zoho CRM also uses artifical Intelligence and enhanced automated capabilities to help you make sales more intelligent, quicker, and better. Please refer to this manual to get an understanding of the fundamental Zoho CRM & CRM terms. Zoho CRM is simple to get to. Customise the Zoho CRM to your needs and get to know some of the most common Zoho CRM surgeries.

Discover the latest in Zoho CRM and discover new functions and enhancements.

Work with accounts | Online help

Basically, in a business-to-business (B2B) environment, the bank accounts represent a department or department within the organisation with which your organisation is currently doing or will be doing in the future. They can link an existing bank contact with a contact (person) within the enterprise and the potential (business opportunity) in pre-sales.

Once the sales have been successfully completed, you can also offer Customer Support & Service via Zoho CRM - Case Management. Provides access to the Accounts page with the privileges Display, Create, Edit, Share, and Delete. To display the accounts home page and do the following, click the Accounts tab: Datasets are shown in the list mode.

Customize your own custom view to meet your needs. A number of system-defined lists are already available, such as My Accounts, New This Week, New Last Week, Unread Accounts, Last Viewed Accounts, etc. Bulk deletion of data sets by activating the checkboxes for the data sets and click on the Clear Buttons.

You can use the More item to carry out some general account management actions. Examples: bulk transfers, bulk deletions, exports etc. Easily refine your account by selling priority using enhanced filtering. Printout the account with the necessary detail.

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