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Pricelists | Help | Zoho B├╝cher Your suppliers could also grant you rebates or even raise their prices due to various circumstances. In Zoho Books, you can take these cases into account using price listings. Price list allows you to raise or lower the sales or purchasing price of your products by one amount. In order to start with price list in Zoho Books, you would have to activate them:

Navigate to Preferences > Preferences > Preferences > Elements. Check the checkbox I want to activate under Price List. Zoho Books price list is built on two major factors: Price- increments or decrements the price of the article by one value to create a price list: Browse to Articles > Price list and choose + New price list.

Specify the name of the price list. Choose the Sale category if you want to use this price list for your customer or purchases, if you want to use it for your suppliers when generating transaction for them. Choose the item price as a markup or markdown of items prices by a percent to generate a price list calculated on a percent basis.

To increase the price on the basis of the price list, select Markup. Specify the price for each individual article to associate clear pricing for each article. Specify the TARGET PRICE for each line items. After you have activated and generated a price list, you can use it for various sale and buy operations.

Pricelists can also be associated with your contact list. This way, every times a deal is generated for them in Zoho Books, the price list is added to it and the new price is generated for them. Allow you to allocate a price list to your contact when you create or edit them.

When you no longer use a price list, you can flag it as idle instead of cancelling it. If you want to flag a price list as inactive: See Articles > Price Lists. Move the mouse pointer over the price list that you want to inactivate. Select Flag as Idle. Used to flag an idle price list as active:

See Articles > Price List. Move the mouse pointer over the price list that you want to flag as inactive. Select Flag as current. Clear any retail or wholesale price list that you may have created: See Articles > Price List. Move the mouse pointer over the price list you want to remove. Sometimes you may not want to use the current price list, but perhaps later.

You can flag it as idle in such cases. Remark: The deletion of a price list has no effect on previous transaction to which you have used it.

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