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CRM Zoho helps companies of all sizes do business smarter, better and faster. Learn what users are saying about Zoho CRM. Check out Zoho CRM user reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. Click here for a free trial version to experience Zoho for yourself.

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Consistent, customer-oriented offerings for the whole life cycle of the customers. In addition to all Enterprise Edition functionality, Zoho CRM Plus also provides e-mail mapping, client survey, user tracing, online and offline messaging, as well as online and offline analysis. May I get a Zoho CRM demonstration? Yes, we would be pleased to show you Zoho CRM in a web-meeting.

In order to arrange your face-to-face meeting, please email sales@zohocorp.com. Which methods of payments do you use? Payments are accepted via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. You can also make payments by wire or cheque for annual subscription. Is Zoho CRM multilingual? Yes, we offer 20 languages: CRM Zoho is a Pay-as-you-go solution (monthly or yearly) that allows you to make changes to your plans at any time.

Are my details private? We strive to keep your information private and protected. Find out more about Zoho CRM's privacy practices. Do you conform to the EU-US Privacy Shield? Our privacy policy complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework of the Ministry of Commerce, which governs the gathering, use and storage of personally identifiable information about customers in the European Union.

Sign in to Zoho CRM, click the Upgrade button on the home page, and obey the Subscription page to move to a new subscription. We have a dedicated technical staff available around the clock, Monday through Friday. Please have a look at ourupport center to get in touch with us.

The Zoho Desk rates are starting at ###1###e3496eb93b25d46ef8e1d2936512f570###!

The free map is really free? Receive 3 free agent in free schedule for which you would not have to buy anything out of your bag. Let's put it this way - if you're not getting anywhere with e-mail assistance, we're here to make your lives better. What about a free evaluation version?

Join now and start creating your Zoho Desk today to get a 15-day free evaluation of each map you want to use for a round. Customize, configurate, and discover all of Zoho Desk's power functions without ever having a major debit at your fingertips. Is it possible to modify the schedules during the evaluation?

Yes, we recommend that you modify your schedules to find the best solution for your business. Please click on the Try Other Editions button to go from your current schedule during the evaluation phase. When my study ends, what happens? Once your evaluation version has expired, you must buy a monthly/annual license.

At the same time, your test balance becomes your standing balance and all your details and adjustments remain unchanged. Supports more than one language? Yes, we speak 9 different tongues, namely English (USA), Simplified Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, French, English (USA), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, German, Turkish and Russian. If you are a non-profit organization or an education establishment, we also have a preferential price.

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