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Contains everything in Professional +. Zoho Solutions - Zoho Solutions - Web-based Projectmanagement Suite Do your job on schedule, anytime, anywhere! Schedule your collaborative work, allocate work, administer assets, and work better with your teams to get things done on schedule. Schedule your plans with lightness. Mile stones, task lists and assignments help you organise your complicated jobs into easy-to-manage entities.

Watch the clock. Anyone working on a job can simply record their chargeable and non-billable working times on a timesheet.

Integrated with Zoho Invoice, it automates the generation of bills from time sheets. Trace and resolve problems quickly. Record and trace problems as they are resolved and validated. Trace changes to GitHub and Bitbucket codes. Incorporate it into your favorite applications. Zoom Projects gives you the added benefit of several other Zoho applications and third-party applications through smooth system integrates.

"has made it very easy to run several simultaneous projects." Portable project for portable team. No matter whether you are on the move, participating in a meeting or on vacation, your project remains at your side.

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Plan Reports-20 Planners/Users Maximum 100 Planners/Day.20 Planners/Users Maximum 100 Planners/Day.20 Planners/Users Maximum 100 Planners/Day. Follow up to 5,000 website traffic for free with Zoho SalesIQ. Follow any number of visits with Zoho SalesIQ's chargeable schedules. Creating the first kind of portals is free and only up to tenk client-based people can be included for free.

Creating more than one types of users for the portals involves price determination. Contains Zoho books, Zoho invoice, Zoho issues, Zoho inventory and Zoho subscriptions. Restrictions on APIs differ depending on the licensed users.

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Storages are considered as mixed storages for Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs. Supports 5GB/user, 25MB attached limitation. Join us as a reseller and sell the Workplace Suites to your clients. What is the procedure for license? The Zoho Mail users are used as the default users for all Workplace bundled apps. What is the function of warehouse allocation in the work center concept?

Assigned disk space is the combination of Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs disk space limits. A 30 GB memory, for example, means that 30 GB is the maximal amount that both Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs can use frequently. Which methods of payments do you use? Payments are accepted via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

NEFT and check transfer payments are also accepted for annual subscription. The Zoho Workplace is a pay-as-you-go online solution (monthly or yearly). Upgrading, downgrading or terminating your Zoho Workplace membership is possible at any point in your life by signing into your Zoho Workplace membership. Do you comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield?

Our privacy policy complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework of the Ministry of Commerce, which governs the gathering, use and storage of personally identifiable information about customers in the European Union. You can find further information under Privacy Shield Compant.

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