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SEO: Search engine optimization: Basic Basics Subjects covered here are very basic changes to your web pages, which in combination have a significant influence on how your website is handled by search engine searches. Key words: It' is the word humans are looking for to get to a website. First, you need to find the right words that are both important to what you're offering and likely to generate revenue.

One page's keys differ from another page's keys because each page has its own focal points. The identification of a keyword is the most important job of everyone, because the titles, descriptions and URLs of this page are dependent on the respective code. Your better, the more unique your catchwords are.

It is more likely that a user will click on a search string that contains the search string. That' s the reason why the titles and descriptions stand out when they contain these words. Titles: Your page name will be included in tag and displayed as shown in the picture above.

A few rules are there that an optimal name would always adhere to. Unparalleled - No two pages of your website should have the same name. Keysword - The heading should contain the word on which this page is focused. Early in the book's cover, better. Descriptions: Descriptions appear under the heading in search results and should endorse the claims you made in your heading.

It should also contain the word that concentrates on this page. For a good web site, 3. use your own unique keyswords such as home. html, contacts. html, etc. instead of common ones such as pag1. html, pag2. html, etc. It' s best to have only one header day per page that should contain the same word that is used in titles and descriptions.

Zoho Sites with SEO: These are all included in subordinate meta tag like , , etc.. When you manage your own HTML on Zoho sites, you are probably already comfortable with these tag types. With Zoho Sites, you can type metadata for each page of your website. Select the page from the drop-down menu and type the metadata for that page.

Additionally to this metainformation there is another important optimisation technology, but this happens on Zoho sites automaticly; the site map. Zoho Sites creates the site map. nml files for every website it publishes. Sitemaps help search engine companies pinpoint the overall look and feel of your website so no page goes hidden.

Attempt to optimize your websites by completing these metrics and see how they affect your website's search engine rankings.

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