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Recently Zoho Sites redesigned their website builder from scratch and feels completely new. Do you need a website builder for your small business? Instruction for beginners There is no charge for the accounts you set up. Please type in your e-mail ID and a username and we will send it to you. Notice: You will be sent a confirmation e-mail after your registration has been completed.

Please validate this e-mail to enable your activation. Your website can only be published if this e-mail has been validated.

Selection of a topic from the gallery: Once your site registration has been completed, the first thing you need to do to create your site is to pick a topic from the galleries. Please pick a topic from the dropdown lists on the right. Selects a topic: Please click on a topic group in the menue on the leftside.

Move the cursor over the topic of your interest and click on Select. How to modify your design: Select a topic by clicking on it in the navigation on the right. Move the cursor over the topic of your interest. To view the topic before applying it, click Accept or Preview.

If you like the topic you have shown in the preview, click Accept. If you want to view another topic, click Try Another. The name of your Web site is Site Title by defaults. If you want to modify the name of your website, click Website Options. Then click Edit Page Details. Type the name of your Web site in the Site Name text field.

Hint: You can also fade out your page name. Select Location Option. Then click Edit Page Details. Under the Site Name text box, click Collapse. Select Section from the right-hand side menus. You can use the drop-down menus to select your fitting option. Select the property under the areas Desktops and Mobiles on the leftside.

When your theme adjustment is completed, you can further create your website by attaching different types of contents using the items displayed on the Item tabs of your Website Builder. You can do this easily by drag ging and drop the item from the Items tabs into the Contents pane of your page.

If you add the Facebook Widget to your website, for example, your users can interactively use your Facebook page without leaving your website. Optionally, you can activate e-mail notifications for these types of form, which send an e-mail to the e-mail addresses you specify when someone types in information. Customize the page bar and bottom of your website: Each topic has a page bar and bottom.

And you can append to the sidebar as well as the bottom pane any item like your favorite video button, pay button, or picture slideshow that you would normally append to the Contents pane. It is also possible to show or hideidebar on your website. If you want the contents in youridebar to be different from page to page, you can also make a customized sidebar.

Preview your website before publishing: After you've built every part of your website, you're ready to open it to your people. Hover your cursor over the Publish pushbutton in the upper right hand corner of your Website Builder and select the preview option. Selecting a user-defined Domainname: The last stage that is performed with your website is a Domainname.

Domainname is the unambiguous URI that a user will access in a web browsing application before landing on your website. It' s very important that you handle the domainname the way you handled your website. Domainnames are a big thing, and here are some points to consider when choosing a domainname.

Easily publicize your website and changes to it by pressing the Submit Go icon in the top right hand corner of your Website Builder. Before your website goes online, you need aomainname. A perfect domainname would be one that is unique to the type of your website.

You have to configurate if you do not have a domainname yet. To make it easier for your website to be found by your searchengines, you can find your website. Browsers use robotic text to scrabble your pages and index the information so your users can find the information they're looking for quickly and efficiently.

To be found in SEOs: Find what you are looking for: There' s no way a user would know your domainname once you published your website. This is your online merchandising solution that allows you to optimize your web contents so that when you find related words in various keywords in different popular web sites, such as Google and Bing, your website will appear at the top of your results.

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