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ZooO Sites is a pretty common website builder - a simple drag & drop editor with mostly typical features. Obtain quick facts on Zoho sites: We check their integrations, apps, SEO, themes and e-commerce features. Learn what users say about Zoho Sites. Check out the reviews of the Zoho sites, price information and what features it offers.

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You can use our drag-and-drop builders and customisable page areas to include text, pictures and video to create the website you want. Gathering information is child's play with user-defined and CRM form templates. Accelerate your audiences with ease and boost your follower by sharing your website contents in community based online communities using our community sharing and auto-publish features.

Apply video, pictures, and asymmetric scroll to your contents to attract and keep visitors interested in a multi-media event. Simply select a pattern from our galleries and exchange it at any time without loosing any of your contents.

Not enough topics and no e-commerce.

Recently Zoho Sites completely revamped their website building tool and felt completely new. Offering more liberty, the new release often bury the users under an abundance of choices and bewildering speech. There are also too few topics, no e-commerce and no shape builders. The sides are formed by letting single items fall into the part.

They can also choose from a wide range of segments that are ready-made sets of items. It is difficult to adapt segments and single items. Dragging items across the page is possible, but placement within a column is cumbersome. In contrast to other website builder that allow you to easily draw items into a column, Zoho Sites will require you to browse to the rows layers of the templates (not to be mistaken for the column layer) and the number of rows you want from the side barditor.

There is no way to change the width of the column. Zoho pages are mysterious in their idiom. For example, I thought that I would make changes to the website logotype under Logos & Favicon or Customize Templates. Here is a plus for the new Zoho Sites Website Builder: it lets you get your website downloaded so you can move it to another location.

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