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membership portal Member portals allow you to secure your websites and make them available only to a select group of people. Members Gateway includes an Acces Controls pane where you can specify which members can display limited pages and/or attachments on your Web site. As soon as the Member Web Site is up and running for your site, you can join members by activating enrollment or invite them to join your Web Site.

They can also grant approval to display pages/files for single members or groups. Group permissions allow all group members to gain control over the pages or folders associated with that particular group. The Member Portal allows you to easily set up several groups of members to allocate permissions. These guidelines take you through the functions of the Member Portal.

From the Manage drop-down list, click Member Portals. There are three options in the menus on the far right - Settings, Users and Groups. Use this section to specify the settings for your Member Portals. Allows you to decide whether you want to activate or deactivate your member portals. Please note: If you decide to deactivate the Member Pages, none of your site users will be able to access the pages in your Member Pages and a denial of access alert will be displayed.

You can activate or deactivate a registration for your member portals here. When you activate registration, people should log in to your Member portal to become members and gain limited accessibility to limited information. When you deactivate registration, you can determine who becomes a member by inviting the individual to register.

It is only persons who have received the invitations who can register for your member portals. Choose this if you want to be notified each and every times a new member registers on your Member Pages (by email). In order to log in, the user must fill in a registration formform. Choose which boxes go into the forms by choosing them.

If you need to find out what your current members are, you can enter the first part of the user's e-mail and click Find Member. You can find out the member's detail from the results of the query by choosing Show Info. In addition, you can attach members to a group and give members of that group permission to view pages and file types.

Click Groups to see the groups to which the member is assigned. This member can be added to a group by selecting "Add to Group". To display pages that the member has acces to, click Pages. In order to give the member the opportunity to enter a new page, click on the button Create page and choose the pages for which you want to grant it.

Click Documents to display documents that the member has control over. In order to grant the member privileges to open a new document, click on Create document and choose the documents to which you want to grant privileges. In order to load a username, click on the Load username icon. Pending list displays those who have not responded to your request.

You can reinvite a user from this mailing lists to resend an email to them. It' easy to upload and upload your own pages and folders and share them with all member groups. Guests who log in to your site are added to the All Members group as well. Access to documents and pages can be enabled for all registered members by enabling them for this group.

To prevent certain files/pages from being viewable by self-signing members, simply attach these files/pages to a group you have already set up, or delete them from the All Members group. To get the detail of a group from the group you have just generated, click the View Info button.

Then you can group members, pages, and members and delete them from a group. And who can see the data and pages? Exclusively the members belonging to the group can see the pages and folders added to the group. The pages and data added to the "All members" group are available to all members who register.

What do I have to do to log in? Each time a visitor accesses a website where the Member Gateway is activated, they have the opportunity to log in or register at the top right. Similarly, a visitor to a page that is part of the Member Portal will be asked to either log in or log in.

If you are not logged in yet, you can log in and, by default, display the members' associated folders and pages. Each time a subscriber logs in and types in their e-mail addresses, a preset is sent to the subscriber's e-mail inbox. In this case, the operator must type in the number of the Tokens and finish the login procedure.

Why is the passwort box on the registration page? Remember that the login screen is for the passphrase you want to set for your Member Gateway account. As soon as your Member Portals have been set up and you have forgotten your passwords, you can use the'Forgot password' box on the login page to reset them.

The member only can set his passwort back and the webmaster has no right to get the login of the member. What do members do to manage their login or information associated with their Member portal accounts? As soon as a member has logged in, he or she can click on the top right-hand corner of the login name and find the possibility to modify the login details and the information associated with the member profiles.

Are there any limits to the number of members that can be added to the site? You can add 2,000 members to the Member Gateway by default. 2,000 members can be added to the Member Gateway by default. 2,000 members can be added to the Member Gateway by default. 2,000 members can be added to the Member Gateway by default. 2,000 members can be added to the Member Portal by default. Please note: You cannot add blog entries, externally linked pages, or password-protected pages to the Member portal page listing.

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