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Introducing the new and improved Zoho pages! Registering for a free Zoho Sites account is as easy as providing an email address and password. Facebook - LinkedIn - Zoho Certified UK CRM Consultant - Home - Zoho Products. Easy-to-use tools for adding and editing rich, pre-integrated website features - Free registration. With Zoho Sites Website-Builder you can create professional websites without even a single line of HTML/CSS.

Custom Google Search

Custom Google for your website: This allows your users to find and browse any item on your site. Then click on "Log in to the custom searchengine". You can also specify more than one Web site for the query. In order to adjust the look of your searching machine, click on "Look and feel" on the navigation bar on the right.

Once you have adjusted your searchengine, choose "Setup" from the dropdown menu on the far right. Press the "Search Engines ID" icon highlighted with the arrows. An unambiguous ID is shown as shown in the figure below. If you click Location Option, click Show Field, and then refresh the unambiguous SEO ID as shown in the picture.

As with any other changes, post your site so that the Find field appears on your site. So your customized field would appear on one of our topics.

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Portable Websites: In a global environment where the cell phone is becoming more and more important, it is important that your website looks good on it. ZooO Sites intelligently routes users using Android or iPhone based equipment to a site that automates the generation of web pages. Onlineform: Sites has a page galleries with ready-made templates. You can use them, modify them, or create your own from the ground up with the drag-drop generator.

Zoom Sites uses Zoho Creator database in the backend of your often-changed web pages. This website mirrors the changes automaticly and in near future. Any website on Zoho Sites can have a blogsite where you can exchange thoughts and inspiration and draw viewers with appealing contents.

But how do you put an Instagram widget on your ZOHO website?

ZOHO is one of the most reliable CRM vendors in its industry with more than 50,000 happy clients and 10 years of CRM expertise. Zoho's user friendly navigation makes it incredibly simple, as its vocabulary and structure are easily understood (even by the least technically proficient of us).

ZOHO doubles your level of protection with 2-step authentification, so there's really less hassle when it comes to the protection of your information. It' easy to just put your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Widget on your ZOHO website. Perform these actions to build your widget: From your ZOHO dashboard, choose your website under Websites > My Websites.

The ZOHO Site Builder will open, where you can modify your website. Notice that this is page-specific, so if you want to view your Widget on pages other than your home page, you need to redo the entire operation for that page. How you add your blog to your blog page or your contacts page is different from how you add your blog to your home page.

Insert ing your Widgets on your Homepage: a. Choose your Homepage. Disregard the indicated option (Add and manage pages), which allows you to generate new pages and move pages as they appear on your website. b. Drag the embed item to the content area of your home page.

c. The Embed dialog opens, allowing you to embed HTML or insert a code snapshot in the Embed dialog field. To do this, you MUST choose the Code Snap shot to use. Choose Code Snapshot and insert your snapshot into the textfield.

d. To display your contents, you must post your Web site (see the news item on the Builders page). e. Click ublish. f. Follow the pop-up announcement about the success of your Web site publication and check your Web site to see how your widget is viewed. g. If you want to add a caption before your cropping, use the Caption feature on the Builders bar.

Dragging the Headline item to the Contents area just before the code snippet. h. Paste your headline contents into the text field, choose font, size, format, orientation, and so on, and click Publish. On your page you will see a headline in front of your broadget. Insert your Widgets on your Blog page: a. Choose your Blog page.

Disregard the choices shown (Add and manage pages) that allow you to build new pages and move pages as they appear on your website. b. If you don't have a blog posting, make a new one first. c. Type in your message header and insert your message (e.g. a heading, a paragraph) by draging the corresponding element into the Postcontainer area and pasting the message (the format is the same as the Home Page option).

Dragging the embedded item to the mail container area and pasting your piece of coding as we did for the home page. d. Click Publish Mail. e. e. Your blogs posting will now be shown as follows. f. Click the more... button to display your entire posting with your widget.

Insert your Widgets on your contact page: a. Choose your contact page. Disregard the shown choices (Add and Manage Pages) that allow you to build new pages and move pages as they appear on your website. b. On the Contact page, you can attach your portal before or after the contact sheet by drag and drop the embed item to the appropriate location. c. You can also attach a header, as we did with the Home page choice. d. Click Publish and see the contact page of your website.

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