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Sites Zoho offers much freedom, but often buries the user under an avalanche of options with confusing language. issues Topics: Topics determine the look and feeling of your website. Sites Zoho has a set of ready-made themes to suit your different needs. If you are starting to design your website, the first thing to do would be to select the topic for your website. At any time you can change between the topics.

A change of topic on your website would not influence the contents of your website and the contents would remain as they are.

Choosing a topic from the gallery: To modify the current design on your website, move the cursor over the "Designs" icon in the upper right corner of the Zoho Site Builder and click on the "Gallery" tab. Choose a categorie from the galery on the right that best fits your use. Click on a topic you like and click on "Preview" to see how it looks.

Check out another topic if the one you have selected does not seem to live up to your expectation. When you like the topic you're currently seeing in the preview, just click the Take Over icon to use that topic on your website. Design customization: Zoho Sites comes with two different editor types. The Visual Editor allows you to adjust the following features.

With the HTML/CSS editing tool you can customise almost anything on your website. Optical editor: In order to open the'Visual Editor', click on'Designs' and choose the 'Style' button from the drop-down list. This tool allows you to customise parts of your design as shown in the figure below. Allows you to change the attributes of headlines, link, background, type families, sizes and colors with ease.

Visual Editor also allows you to customise the desktops and mobiles of your website. Undo changes made to a particular section or to the whole topic: If something doesn't look as you expect it to, you can immediately reject the last changes you made to a section of your website.

In the Visual Editor, click the "Reset" icon. Only the changes to the header are rolled back. However, if you choose the standard design after making changes to several different features in your design, click the "Reset standard design settings" check box at the bottom of the screen. As a result, any changes you make to any Visual Editor components and the standard design style are discarded.

Enhanced HTML/CSS editor: This is especially suitable for HTML-experts. You can use the HTML/CSS-Editor to adjust the latest themes according to your requirements. In order to open the HTML/CSSditor, click on "Designs" and choose "HTML/CSS Editor" from the dropdown list. You can use the HTML/CSS editing tool to separate your file, HTML/CSS of your home page and your portable page.

Recommended only for HTML and HTML aware people. Further information on topic adaptation can be found in our topic dokumentation.

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