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See which tool is better, with a detailed comparison of Zoho sites & Wordpress. weblogs Blocks: Blogging is the best way to reach your website audiences and like-minded people. Weblog is an acronym for weblog and is often used as an on-line magazine that you can open for others to comment on. Creating a web page is a great way to post and post articles, just like creating and designing a web page.

In order to append a page to your website, move the cursor over the menue and click the append page icon. As soon as the New Page screen opens, click the "Blogs" link in the top right corner of the screen. Or you can make a blog page by selecting Manage and selecting Blog from the drop-down list.

If you are asked, type a name for your blogs. Publish your first blog: you can design your own blogs, store them for future publication, publish them at a later date or publish them immediately. Go to the blogs page from the Site builder and click "New Post".

Enter a name for your contribution. Concerning the text of your blogs, you can adapt it with all the items you would normally use on your website - text, pictures, headlines, videos along with the remainder. drag the required items to use them in your Blogs Containers area just like you created your website.

Contributions are not categorized by standard, without tag. If you want to plan the posting at a later date by scheduling it for later, move your cursor over the Publish posting icon and click Plan for later. This will open a new screen asking for the date and hour when the blogs should be posted.

Administering your own entries and comments: Once your weblog has been launched, go to Administer > My Albgs to administer your own entries and settings. When this option is checked, each of your entries in the forum will have its own button for sharing, making it easier for your users to easily view and edit your work. Optionally, you can limit the number of entries shown on each page.

Imports your bloods into Zoho sites from WordPress and Blogger: Now you can use the blog importer feature to bring your WordPress and Blogger logs instead of importing them from those sites by hand. The only thing you need to do is exporting your logs from WordPress or Blogger and importing them into your Zoho Sites Website Builder page.

WordPress as well as Blogger offer the possibility to convert their entries into an exported HTML-document. Zoho sites, and the entries you are importing into your own diary are the nickname on your Zoho album. If so, click on the "New" button in the top-right corner of your Zoho Sites Website builder, click on the button labeled "Blogs" in the top-right corner of the screen, and you will be able to upload your own logs in your own HTML.

To get this XLM format when exporting your page from WordPress/Blogger, click here. So if you've already built a page for your website in Zoho Sites Website-Builder and want to get more from WordPress or Blogger, just go to Manage > Edit Blogs, click Get blog to insert your HTML into your Zoho Sites page.

Please note: When a blogs is import into Zoho Sites, the caption of the entry, the content of the entry (text and pictures only), date and hour of the entry, category and tag are import. Use other content in your blogs postings like cards, forums, polls, and more. will not be import into Zoho sites.

No changes will be made to the creation date and timestamp of the import blogs, and blogs will be ranked according to their creation date and timestamp, with the last blogs at the top of the page.

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