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Slow Zoho

The Zoho Corporation Allow me to make it clear that the performance issue I am referring to below is a Zoho issue and not a networking issue. Any other web application that runs alongside Zoho does not have these issues. In this article you will find the behaviour of Zoho. Zoho is slowing down to a crawling here in the USA (east time).

Form loading, which normally takes less than a second, currently takes just a few seconds. This is a big issue for customers who are in the system all day and I had customers who refused to use Creator because of this issue. Zoho supports, he had me sending protocols.

Protocols showed the value of the interval loading period. On several occasions I phoned and still get no reply and no solution from Zoho. When I was on the telephone with Zohoupport, they indicated that this is not a concern, Zoho is quick, and other people do not have the same issues.

In my view, a .5k file should not take 2 min to download to a 100 mbar link. In the USA, are there strong Zoho Creator user groups who are satisfied with the performance? Does other US user community see the deceleration at noon?

The Zoho Corporation

Seems like a lot of guys have the same problems. Several ZOHO employees have said that the issue has been pinpointed and resolved. I' m using ZOHO mails via a Thunderbird client on a MacBook. Connecting to the ZOHO servers to forward e-mails is very slow when I send e-mails, and I often get a timeout alert.

Failure to depend on the messaging system is outrageous. In addition, ZOHO employees were slow/silent in answering the questions posed. As a crowning glory, the ZOHO employees have repeatedly told us that the issue has been pinpointed and resolved! I' m gonna give up and move my postal services.

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