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Hi, I bought an SSL certificate from goDaddy and updated the htaccess to force and redirect all visitors to use the HTTPS version of my website? Create a new SSL Certificate Zoho Report On Premise - Professional Edition and Personal Edition both have the same process. Implementing SSL requires a Web host to have a certificate for each outside port (IP address) that accept secured connectivity. Method for setting up a multi-domain (SAN) certificate using Subject Alternative Names: keyboardtool -genkey -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -sigalg SHA256withRSA -keystore server.keystore -ext san=dns:If you use your own different passwords than the standard password[i.

e. in this case'accounts'], you will need to refresh the password[own] in the following files:

How to obtain an SSL certificate for the Tomcat web server: When the key size arguments are not specified, the defaults to 1024. You will be asked for a username and password. Type in the account key. That is the keyboard shortcut - . When you use your own different passphrase than the standard passphrase[i.e. in this case'Accounts'], you must refresh your [own] passphrase in the following files:

Substitute the standard account passphrase with your own one. Sample for executing the commands, generation of the keyboard file: Type the precise name of the hosting and domainname you want to back up. If you want to save http://www.mydomain.com/, you must specify the precise hosting (www) and domainname (mydomain.com) in this field}.

certreq. csr" is generated in the folder \jre\bin. Send the certreq. csr to the CA and retrieve the certificate from the Certificate Authority(CA) for the web site "tomcat". Please note: CA should provide you with a certificate for the domains, an intermediate certificate and a root certificate. While your domainname certificate is the same as your domainname, root and intermediate certificates are generically designed and in most cases can be obtained from your CA's website.

Chain or certificate trunk filename issued by the CA]. Intermediate certificate filename (if any) provided by the CA]. Duplicate the keystore key located in the \jre\bin folder to the following directories: Reboot the Zoho On Premise Report Servers. Proprietary process to use if the step is different due to the certificate filename types provided by CA.

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