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Customize logo and registration URLs with Zoho Mail Administrators can set up the custom logon URL so that members of the company can memorize and simply retrieve Zoho Mail. User can log in to their e-mail address using the mail.yourdomain.com link. The custom logon can be accessed from the Control Panel of the Organisation Admin user interface.

Browse to the Control Panel Dashboard and click the button Change Log. There are two necessary stages to configuring the user-defined logon URL. 1. As soon as the CNAME-Alias shows on business.zoho.eu, when you access the mail.yourdomain.com link, the user-defined log-in page is started directly. When you have already added the customized logo, it will appear on the logon pageutomatically.

Sequences to reference your customized mail.yourdomain.com to Zoho: Log on to the DNS manager of your domains. You have to refer the host name or the subdomain to business.zoho.eu. Please note: Zoho Mail provides HTTP for access to your e-mail addresses for better protection. So after you log in to the site with the customized address, all your pages are diverted to the Zoho mail address and have no customized domainsupport.

Admins or super admins can customise the company logotype in Control Panel. You will see the logon on the Custom Login page and also on the web mail page of all your organisation's members. Ensure that your logotype picture conforms to the following specifications: Your admin must be able to retrieve the logotype and store it on the system.

Move your cursor over the wallpaper in the system and choose "Change Logo" to search and load the wallpaper stored in the system. After saving, the logotype is shown in the dashboard. It is also shown on the user-defined login page and web mail page for all members of the organisation.

In general, if you do not modify the name of the organisation after you create the organisation accounts, the name of the organisation will be added as the name of the organisation. Superadministrator can modify the company name using the Company ID via the Company Name dialog. Your organisation can have different workspaces.

Optionally, you can select whether or not to deploy the Federated sign in for your customized logon page. Opens the Control Panel Preferences page. Select the User Defined Logon page. Use the Federated In Sign In switch on the right side of the page to turn the Federated Log In checkbox on or off for your logon page.

There is a Partner Admin Details section in the child organisation admin console. In this section, the name and e-mail adress of the partner administrator of the children's organisation are displayed. Affiliate administrator can connect to the suborganization's Admin Console from the Affiliate Admin Console. Parental Administrator can click the Revoke Grant button to deactivate this grant.

Partner administrator can no longer connect to Kind Organisation Administration Console once the connection is canceled. To undo the Undo Accessibility operation, the administrator of the suborganization can write to support@zohomail.com. .

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