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Samples | Online Help - Zoho CRM CRM Zoho offers various templates that you can use. Templates for quotations, bills, e-mails etc. are included. It is also possible to customize templates according to your needs. Customize e-mail templates, plan e-mails, and add unsubscribe form to e-mails.

Adapt quotation, order, order, and invoice templates to meet your specific needs.

Generate form letter templates to generate document that requires repeating work.

Use templates

Templates allow you to deliver e-mail in a pre-defined message size without having to redo your message reformatting work. Step-by-step instructions for creating templates: If you want to add a new e-mail message to your e-mail list, click Add. Specify your reference - The name of the reference corresponds to the name of the reference you enter here. Enter the desired e-mail contents.

Allows you to format the e-mail contents as required. Use the dropdown menu next to Save to save the template. Your mail will be stored in the Templates directory. Sequences for changing the stored templates: Browse to the Templates group. Lists all stored templates. To open the news item in the musician, click the news item you want to use.

Click'Save Template' after the changes to replace the original one. Sequences for using the stored templates for new messages: Browse to the Templates group. Lists all stored templates. Choose the news you want to use to open it in the musician. Once you have made the changes, click "Send" to submit the e-mail.

Templates stored in the original will be available in the Templates tab for later use. Sequences for inserting stored templates into the Composer: It is also possible to paste the contents of the original when writing a reply/forward or in an e-mail you write. Click More at the top of the e-mail you are composing/replying to.

Choose Insert Template. See the Templates with Subject and Preview of the entered text. Inserts the body of the template chosen into the news item you are writing.

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