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Generate custom themes | Zoho shapes Access the Topics page. To customize a template, click Customize Forms. The following operations can be performed in the Forms Customization window: Specify a personalised colour theme or wallpaper for your forms. In fact, you can use different wallpapers for different parts of your forms. In order to modify the background: Select Wallpaper from the properties of the forms.

Pick the section to which you want to apply a wallpaper, and then pick the design and colour. Pictures can be inserted as backgrounds, page headers, and formula headers. Embed your logo and customise your forms to present your organisation. In order to paste a picture: Click Picture in the Properties dialog box.

Pick where to add the picture and up-load it. After inserting, you can adjust your picture and modify the display. We recommend the following picture formats: Changing the type face, sizes, and colors of different parts of your forms. Type a text type in the field Properties. To adjust the typeface, you must specify the typeface for the selected item in the Forms dialog box, and a number of different settings.

Apply shadows to your shape for additional impact. It is also possible to modify the shade colour. For adding shadows: From the Shape Properties, click Shadows. Frame your forms or certain parts of the forms, the Send pushbutton, the bottom of the forms, the top of the forms, and the section wraps. From the Shape Properties, browse to Frames.

Choose a shape item and adjust the width, styling, and colour of your outline. Allows you to adjust the orientation of your forms, the head of the forms and the Send Buttons. How to rearrange the orientation: From the Shape Properties, choose Orientation. Choose the part of the template that you want to edit. Make your forms more transparent to enhance their visibility.

It is also possible to modify the visibility of certain parts of your forms. Used to modify the transparency: Click Transparent in the Properties dialog box. Selects the shape item and reduces coverage. How to modify the width of the form: Adjust the width of the shape in the Shape Properties. Enter the width of the shape in pixel. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your application click Accept.

As a result, the adjustment is applied to your template. In order to delete all adjustments and recover the standard topic, click Recover Standard Thread. The Zoho Forms Themes Galerie shows the themes we have developed for you. In order to use an existent design: Access the Topics page. Search the themes galleries and select a topic that fits your lifestyle.

If you hover your cursor over the galery, you can select whether you want to preview the topic or whether you want to add it to your work. The My Topics section will list the topics you have selected. In order to make a new design: Access the Topics page. Click in the My Topics galery on + New Topic. You can adjust the design according to your settings in the design editor dialog box.

Click Saving as New Design to store the design. Type a topic name in the pop-up that will appear and click Saving. The design will now be stored and displayed under My Designs. Either use the topic on the actual template or use it in the near term. In order to modify or remove the topic, move the cursor over the topic in the Galerie.

In order to browse for a specific topic in this galery, enter the name of the topic in the browse bar next to the + New Topic icon.

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