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Responsiveness is the hallmark of a modern website builder and Zoho Sites is no exception. Build free websites | Easy to Use Website Creator : Zoho Sites Building a website is now simple and enjoyable. Just pick a topic, just pull items onto the page using simple Drag-&-Drop or pick a lay-out and you're ready to go. It' simple - just pull the items from their current position on the page and place them where you need them. Zoho Sites does not require a long publication time.

One click is all it takes to get your free website up and running. Your latest changes are immediately refreshed and can be seen by your clients with immediate publication. Receive a free web site! Astonishing website you just built is optimised for standard viewing on any smart phone.

Zoom Sites intelligently directs the users to the portable part. Every modification to your website is refreshed on your portable website for you. ZooO Sites has added to your website certain fridgets of free community content. It is the main on-line information exchange and connection tool for your website. Because it is the main on-line information exchange and connection tool around the globe, providing these items gives your website users easy update and exchange information without leaving your website.

With Zoho Sites, you have the added benefit of being able to create simple and completely new templates - giving users instant access to your information - giving them instant access to your information, including your client contacts, survey information, survey results, events registrations and more.

Prasad speaks about the new website creator

When it comes to setting up a free website, there are hundred of ways. Zoho recently introduced its new website builders named Zoho Sites. Only another free website builder? It is not only very inexpensive (users can select a free or chargeable subscription for $39 per year), but also allows the use of live contents through a data base.

The Zoho Group has three main businesses: ManageEngine, WebNMS and Zoho Suites of on-line applications. Zoho's service is divided into the categories Enterprise, Collaboration and Productivity Applications. So we had applications for almost every major buisness need, but a website builders. Now Zoho Sites is completing our plattform. Zoho Sites' philosphy, where does it excel?

Zoo is known for having applications that are designed to work together smoothly. Zooho Sites is no different. As a website that is the point of departure for any company, Zoho will focus on sites, with all the other applications around him that are tightly connected. Zoho sets itself apart from the others by making this inter-app communications much easier.

Besides, not everyone else out there has such a large selection of biz applications. What would be a common Zoho site visitor? Besides, there are plenty of ways to personalize a website: as a blogs, to organise an event, to build a web site etc. In addition, an on-line site would benefit everyone, every occupation and every company, regardless of age.

When it comes to websites, what can Zoho Sites do about dynamically changing elements of your work? Many pages on a website would be managed by different groups or divisions. However, if the corresponding vibrant forms of delivery are passed on to the relevant team, they can under their responsibility either post or change web page contents.

Updating pages on Web sites often will make it very simple. You' ve probably learnt that Microsoft is downgrading its free website and substituting a pay -as-you-go one. Recently Apple has done the same with its beloved website building tool and left many disappointed people behind. It seems to me that the bigger the business, the more likely it is that one of these days they will loose interest in one of their lower revenue goods or service.

Zoo Ho has many different types of product. Microsoft's and Apple's audiences are completely different from Zoho's. We have a range of small and mid-sized companies for whom a website is very important. Our optimism is such that we call Zoho Sites, the centre of our app world.

Well, definitely not Zoho Sites. So where are you going with Zoho Sites? Our goal is not for our customers to simply create a Zoho Sites website; we want our customers to run their whole businesses on it. Starting with Zoho Creator and GApps. The next on the shortlist are Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns (Beta).

Others will come soon. Thanks a lot for the interviews and all the best for Zoho Sites!

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